Lake Charles Recovering: Community Partners With Red Cliff Builders In Rebuilding Process

Palm Beach, Florida, Jan. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hurricane seasons are known for the damage they create to certain communities, and the Lake Charles region is an area that has been hit hard in recent years. Once the storms blow through, and the danger is out of the way, the clean-up and rebuilding process begins. Red Cliff Builders is the leader in disaster recovery, and they help rebuild homes, businesses, and lives. They have been very busy in Lake Charles, LA, and there are a number of projects that have to be completed to call the area ‘rebuilt.’ Here are a few things that many homes and businesses experience.

Water Damage

One of the dangers that hurricanes bring with them is simply water. Water seems like no big deal, but it can cause a lot of damage when it gets into a structure. Getting water out once it has gotten in is hard enough, but then cleaning up the mess it leaves behind is even more challenging. Water damage, if not adequately dried out and cleaned, can lead to dangerous mold. No home or business is going to be safe and up and running again until any water damage is addressed. It can also cause structural damage, like rotting wood, that needs to be replaced before the rebuild can continue.

Broken Windows

While some people in this area of the country have hurricane windows to combat these storms, many homes and businesses do not. That means they are susceptible to broken glass and all of the damage that comes along with a breached window. These homes and companies have to fix the windows to fight off any of the other elements that might come their way. It might be as simple as replacing the glass, but it might also require a full window replacement. And then, there’s the clean up inside that could be significant, depending on what the broken window let into the space.

Clearing Debris

Part of rebuilding a community is simply getting the debris that has been thrown around out of the way. There are tree limbs and all sorts of things that have been tossed here and there, and removing those items is a big job. But it’s also a job that has to be done so the builders can get to work on the structures. Sometimes, roads are blocked, and it can be hard to get supplies in and out. Working on the interior of a home is great, but it’s not complete until the debris is removed from the outside of the house, either.

Offering Support

When people go through hurricane storms and see their homes, businesses, and entire community destroyed, merely being there and offering a helping hand to start the rebuilding process can mean a lot. They no longer feel alone and like they are up against an insurmountable mountain of a job. Everyone around the community comes together, pitching in and making results happen on a daily basis. While it’s a big job, the more people help, the faster change happens.

While companies like Red Cliff Builders are professionals who are able to restore homes to their former glory, there are a lot of other jobs that need to be done as well. Red Cliff Builders has shown that there is hope for restoration after disaster strikes. Thanks to them, Lake Charles, LA is being rebuilt, one structure at a time.


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