Be Strategic Solutions Launches Free Public Health Epidemic Simulation

TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As part of the international community’s concerted efforts to stem the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Be Strategic Solutions (BeST) today announced that it is offering a free digitized tabletop exercise (TTX) to enhance health organizations’ abilities to manage disease outbreaks. BeST, a computerized crisis simulation software, helps organizations face potential disasters and deal with them in “simulated” real time – better preparing for times of crisis.

The new epidemic simulation is based on deep insights from seasoned medical professionals and coupled with crisis management methodologies suitable for any healthcare organization.

Organizations interested in enhancing their preparedness for epidemics can use this link to register for the free simulation:

“We designed the ‘Outbreak 2020’ simulation as we watched the Coronavirus spread globally and agreed that more must be done to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the outbreak response of healthcare agencies worldwide. Robust decision-making procedures are key drivers of any emergency response; they are absolutely critical in outbreak settings. Be Strategic is glad to offer the “Outbreak 2020″ simulation to any healthcare organization interested in elevating its outbreak preparedness and response capacities,” said Dotan Sagi, Be Strategic Solutions’ CEO.

Dr. Carmit Rapaport, Be Strategic Solutions’ Director of Research and Development, added – “As the Corona Virus (COVID-9) is still spreading around the world, and every day new cases appear in countries for the first time; it is extremely important to assess your preparedness efforts before such an emergency comes close to your organization. BeST Pandemic Simulation gives you an opportunity to experience an evolving crisis, including situational awareness, leadership, mental coping and decision making under extreme pressure. It also allows for the evaluation of your current preparedness level by applying best-practice checklists.”

About BeST

Be Strategic Solutions is a simulation software provider offering BeST – a web-based simulation platform that enhances organizations’ capacities to manage a wide range of crises. The BeST software optimizes organizations’ own processes (regardless of whether they follow client-specific SOPs, incident response plans, regulatory stipulations or industries’ best practices). The software uses these processes to design customized crisis simulations, enabling organizations to practice managing any scenario according to their own methodologies.

BeST presents a unique opportunity for organizations to optimize their procedures, to align with regulations and standards, to enhance their decision-making process and to their fortify crisis preparedness. For further information visit:


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