The 6ixth Event Closes First Fifty Investments Including Greenfield Robotics, Reconnect, Inc., and Wellnite Health.

PORTLAND, Maine, Feb. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital Invests in Greenfield Robotics, Reconnect, Inc., Wellnite Health, and Fifty Others to Impact Carbon Sequestration, Recidivism, and Mental Wellbeing.

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The 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital is pleased to announce the fund has closed fifty investments, including Greenfield Robotics, Reconnect, Inc., and Wellnite Health.

We are particularly pleased to support Greenfield Robotics and its impact on environmental and agricultural systems, Reconnect, Inc., and its work to improve socio-economic and population equity, and Wellnite Health and its transformation of mental wellbeing,” said Melanie Rosenthal, Partner at The 6ixth Event.

Greenfield Robotics uses robots to replace chemicals in the food supply while sequestering carbon in broadacre farming for large-scale impact. “Chemicals were used because they met a need. Now we know they come with a downside and unintended consequences to both human and soil health. Regenerative farming can achieve maximum crop yield while building up long-term soil health and human health through nutrient-dense, chemical-free food. We’re making it easy to adopt and scale,” said Clint Brauer, CEO of Greenfield Robotics.

Reconnect, Inc. applies an advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology platform to the incarceration crisis to help break the cycle of revolving-door prisons. “We’re working hard to solve the incarceration crisis and help break the cycle of recidivism. We help stakeholders apply advanced technology to the problem,” said Sam Hotchkiss, CEO of Reconnect, Inc.

Wellnite uses social media to engage individuals to treat depression and anxiety. “Our mission is to make high-quality mental healthcare accessible to everyone regardless of zip code or insurance coverage. We believe in a personalized approach based on science and medical expertise. We make it accessible and frictionless for our patients to take action and overcome anxiety and depression,” said Elisa Swan, CEO of Wellnite Health.

The fund focuses on early-stage companies using emerging technology to impact deep social-demographic drivers.


The 6ixth Event | Cataclysmic Capital, is focused on Early-Stage Investment in Emerging Ecosystems. The 6ixth Event is based in Portland, ME, and Louisville, KY, with offices at the LongTail Building.

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