Simple Fasting App Will Provide Personalized Dieting Tips Through AI-powered Functionality

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Simple, developer of the popular intermittent fasting app, is happy to introduce its new AI-based feature which will enable the app users to create their own fasting strategies and let them achieve their goals more efficiently.

Simple Intermittent Fasting App. Profile Performance

Simple is delighted to announce the release of a new artificial intelligence-powered feature that analyzes user behavior and provides personalized guidance to every user based on their personal goals and data. Simple is one of the leading app developers in the field of intermittent fasting. The app managed to gather over 350,000 new users per December 2019 and become the most popular intermittent fasting app in just 3 months after it emerged on the market. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The mechanism of the new feature is pretty straightforward: a user needs to regularly enter information about their mealtimes and the app will analyze the data and send text notifications based on their results. Firstly, the app sends notifications to users right after they enter the data, helping them to make healthier food choices. Secondly, the app analyzes user behavior over a set period of time and provides detailed insights into their eating habits. Based on the collected data, the app can notify users whether they are eating healthy, and if not, provide advice on how to improve their diets.

“People are taking more care of their health and weight these days and we see more and more people are getting motivated to exercise and eat healthily. The interest in intermittent fasting has grown greatly over the last few years since it’s a great way to maintain optimal health and stay fit, so it’s no surprise that intermittent fasting was among Google’s top-trending diets in 2019. However, many people are gliding on the surface, not knowing how to maximize their results. That’s the reason we came up with the idea of creating an app that would educate users and help them make healthier food choices,” comments Alexander Ilinskiy, the CEO of Simple.

One more goal that the company pursues with the introduction of its AI-based feature is to provide users with motivation and research-based knowledge to help them to stay fit and healthy. This technology distinguishes Simple from other apps with a more traditional approach focused on just tracking the times users fast. Given the ever-growing sea of data, many people feel overwhelmed with information and quit simply because they don’t know what to begin with or where to find motivation to keep going. The team behind the Simple app is always working out the features that could help users get motivation and guidance in their fitness journeys. 

About Simple

Simple is a health and wellness platform aimed to provide intermittent fasting followers with a solution that would support them in achieving tangible fitness results. The app already has over 1 million followers on iOS and Android in total. The Simple app securely aggregates, stores and analyzes user data to help users make long-term lifestyle changes that can improve their wellbeing. The company collaborates with doctors and health researchers to develop science-based solutions that are 100% safe.



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