Technology Integrator PracticeSuite Chooses Claimocity for Mobile Charge Capture and Internist Revenue Cycle Management Services

SUMMERLIN, Nev., Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In a move to strengthen its position as a premier SaaS Practice Management & Complete Ambulatory EHR solution, PracticeSuite has announced a strategic partnership with the pioneering medical revenue cycle management experts behind Claimocity, an AI-driven cloud-based billing, scheduling, coding, credentialing, and mobile practice management solution exclusively for hospitalists.

The partnership is formed in response to the significant increase in the number of hospital physicians needing fast and accurate charge capture in order to efficiently bill their services.

This relationship brings mobile revenue cycle optimization to Practice Suite clients while providing the office based EHR piece for Claimocity in their campaign to corner the hospitalist market with industry-leading billing metrics and innovative workflow automation tools for doctors on the go.

A timesaving and revenue-generating solution, Claimocity processes the bulk of an internists’ work on their behalf. “Our A.I. based solutions boost efficiency by 5-10+ hours per week and on average reduces billing down to nine seconds per patient”, states Jim Jensen, Chief Operating Officer of Claimocity. “Reducing revenue loss for our doctors is crucial, as is increasing time efficiency.”

With AI-driven offerings like the Smart Census, Claim Tracker, Practice IQ, and Code Assist, the swift rise of Claimocity in the medical SaaS vertical reflects the evolving trend towards modified Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS) and Algorithm as a Service (AaaS) market opportunities––high-value cloud service offshoots that provide advanced computing power to actionable intel for data driven decision making.

On the revenue cycle side, Claimocity utilizes Type 2 AI machine learning and proprietary pattern analysis algorithms to streamline the billing and coding process through rigorous quality control analysis measures, while consistently achieving higher levels of financial benchmarking and time efficiency for their clients.

“We are excited about this partnership as it presents a combination of tools and revenue cycle improvements directly from within our software, providing hospitalist with all the necessary tools needed to capture billing data at point of care,” states Trey Wilson Chief Revenue Officer at PracticeSuite. 

Smart automation reduces the need for time consuming inputs, freeing the physician to focus more on the patient and quality of the medical care while generating higher revenue efficiency. A strategic partnership with PracticeSuite offers busy doctors a seamless transition between mobile device, tablet, laptop, and desktop computers as they shift between the office and hospital environments.

About Claimocity
Smart software designed exclusively for hospitalists, Claimocity leverages user friendly technology with concierge billing support to streamline the hospital rounds process and help automate complex administrative and billing tasks. A premium suite of AI-enhanced smart tools provides hospital doctors a fast and efficient means of saving high value time while driving relentless financial growth.

About PracticeSuite
PracticeSuite is an Ambulatory Technology Integrator that offers whole-practice medical office solutions, providing an affordable cloud-based practice management system, electronic health record software, patient engagement portal, and revenue cycle management services.

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