Forget The Filler Face! Dr. Christie Offers “Curated Beauty: The Beauty Matrix”

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Christie Prendergast is an unconventional Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. As an osteopathic doctor, her approach to beauty is derived from a holistic approach to medicine. She encourages patients to (re)consider procedures and encourages the preservation of features instead of drastic alterations. The Beauty Matrix is a new concept developed by Dr. Christie to help guide patients to high-yield medical-grade treatments designed solely for each patient.

“When you understand your beauty problems, you can then develop a strategy that will give you the best value and help you age naturally and gracefully. A good plastic surgeon can help guide you through the best procedures for you and help you have a strategic approach to professional and at-home treatments.”

The Beauty Matrix has three simple components: skin quality, laxity and volume. Skin quality relates to questions such as is the skin texture smooth or rough? hydrated or plump? pigmented? are pores very visible or congested? Are there fine lines/wrinkles. Laxity – relates to excess skin. This category is high-yield for everyone once you past age 40 and requires an active, progressive strategy. Volume – we suffer from soft tissue volume loss as well as bony volume loss as we age. Restoration of natural volume that is balanced with treatment of the other two categories results in softening of features.

“The Beauty Matrix” simplifies the aging process to help patients address all components of aging for natural, balanced aesthetic results. As a highly trained female plastic surgeon, Dr. Christie has many “tools in her shed.” She combines her extensive training in surgery with her passion for medical technology to create customized combination minimally-invasive treatments that cater to those who are looking for natural results without the downtime or major transformation.

Based on the quality, laxity and volume, medspa treatments options could include microneedling, microneedling + radiofrequency, chemical peels, lasers, FaceTite, BodyTite, ultherapy, J-Plasma Renuvion in combination with traditional surgical procedures including blepharoplasty, browlift, necklift, breast and body rejuvenation.

Dr. Christie understands how the body ages, and knows that each decade requires a different approach. Curated Beauty describes Dr. Christie’s customized approach and her Beauty Matrix helps make beauty procedures less overwhelming for consumers and eliminate the frustration. In Spring 2020, Dr. Christie is launching Beauty Police TV; a Beauty Centric Audio and Video Podcast. Educational, empowering and entertaining, Beauty Police TV’s mission is to help educate consumers so that they are empowered with the necessary information needed to make responsible head to toe skin and cosmetic care decisions that yield the safest results with the highest possible ROI.

About Dr. Christie: Dr. Christie Prendergast overcame a disadvantaged upbringing to work her way through college and medical school. With just $100 to her name, she worked a full-time job while teaching organic chemistry part-time as a means to pay the bills. Through hard work and diligence, she studied both general surgery and plastic surgery to become the accomplished surgeon she is today. Dr. Christie is Double-Board Certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) and the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). For more information, please visit @doctor.christie

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