Medisafe Adds Pharmacy Integration to Its Platform, Now Delivers Medications to Patients

BOSTON, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Medisafe, a leading evidenced-based digital therapeutics company collaborating with healthcare organizations to provide medication management solutions for patients, today announced their new capabilities to integrate pharmacy services providing the last mile of services and completing a holistic patient journey management solution for medication management.  This new capability supports patients refilling medications and having them delivered right to their door. 

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“We’re excited to announce our Pharmacy Services integration capabilities creating the most complete suite of medication management solutions covering the entire patient journey from initiation through drug management to refill delivery,” said Omri Shor, founder and chief executive officer, Medisafe. “Patients juggle multiple medications which is not only difficult to manage but remembering to refill and getting to the pharmacy for a pick-up adds another layer of complexity.  With our Medisafe Pharmacy Services we now provide a peace of mind that medications will be delivered directly to patients’ homes, which is a natural expansion of our platform.”

Selected Medisafe patients can now manage their multiple medications, receive refill reminders and order directly on the Medisafe platform.  And the cost is net neutral to Medisafe patients as it matches existing co-pay coverage and shipping is included.  Medisafe partnered with an online pharmacy to support pharmacy fulfillment and delivery.  Over the next several months Medisafe will continue to partner with additional players across the industry to expand this service.

“It’s very difficult for me to physically pick up my seven medications every month so this new feature is a huge relief for me, especially as my health depends on these medications,” said a Medisafe Pharmacy Services patient in Texas.

Medisafe is dedicated to supporting patients throughout their entire journey managing medications, with particular focus on those managing multiple medications or complex regimens.  Last year Medisafe introduced MyMedTracker to navigate patients through often challenging initiation processes.  In addition, Medisafe expanded its medication management platform with Care Connector, providing nurses digital access to patients with timely care interventions.

“Medisafe is committed to improving the entire patient journey. Adding Pharmacy Services is the last step in that journey, bringing the pharmacy to the patient’s doorstep,” added Shor. “This creates tremendous value both for patients as well as our partners across the healthcare continuum.”

About Medisafe
Medisafe is the leading evidence-based digital therapeutics company providing medication management solutions across the healthcare continuum, a $300 billion problem in the US alone.  Medisafe’s cloud-based mobile platform personalizes content, resources and interventions — such as educational videos, coupons and motivational messages — based on each patient’s regimen, condition and specific circumstance. Medisafe fosters collaboration among patients, their loved ones and healthcare professionals, and partners with the healthcare ecosystem, from pharma companies to payors and providers, to improve outcomes. Six million registered patient and caregiver users have recorded on Medisafe’s platform over two billion successful medication doses on their iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, contributed 250,000 user reviews that average 4.7 out of 5 stars in the App Store and Google Play app stores. Medisafe is a HIPAA and GDPR compliant solution and ISO 27001:2013 certified. For more information please visit

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