fishbat Explains What to Do If Your Clinical Trial Goes Global

NEW YORK, July 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Globalization has had a definitive impact on nearly every industry, and, in recent years, its effects on the clinical trials industry have become apparent. Clinical trials are necessary for public health in every society, developed and developing alike, and the industry has seen major growth in Asia and identified a trend in the movement of study sites into lower-cost areas globally. With globalization’s impacts far from over, it can be a challenge for your business to face its first global study. fishbat further explains what clinical trial recruitment companies should do if their clinical trial goes global below. Don’t back-away from overseas opportunities!

Be considerate of local and regional regulations: This may be a no-brainer, but different countries have varying laws when it comes to clinical study regulation standards. If you have a study that’s looking like it’ll go global, do thorough research regarding the laws and regulations of the host country. Developing nations may not have strict regulations set in place, but it’s important to maintain quality results across the board, global or not. Knowing this, even if the regulation standards are below those of the US, it’s a good idea to maintain the same procedures and oversight in every study site in order to ensure reliable, trustworthy clinical trial results.

Embrace a global pool of patients: While your site recruitment clinical trial efforts may have been previously limited to the local region or home-country, now your study advertising must be able to reach a much wider, more global audience. Wherever the study sponsor is taking the trial to, your advertising efforts must be tailored to local preferences, language, and the most effective methods for the target population. These factors can all vary from country to country but doing the work will bring your study a quality pool of patients to give accurate and reliable results throughout the global clinical trial. Patients in other countries may be more or less willing to participate in clinical trial studies; do prepare to research into the area in advance, primarily through prior clinical trials held there, to have a better idea of what kind of population you’re working with.

Utilize modern clinical trial technologies:  One of the challenges of a global clinical trial is the communication and delivery of data and results related to the overseas sites. This challenge can be directly addressed with modern data management technologies, such as wearable devices for study patients to directly provide health data to home-country study centers and advanced video-conferencing technology for inter-study-site communications to ensure consistent procedures and materials from one country to another. These technologies have made the world a little smaller, so take advantage of them to ensure your global clinical trial is efficient and produces accurate results at every study site.

Global clinical trials are valuable tools for the industry, as an international trial can lower operational costs and source a more diverse pool of patients, providing more reliable health data across the study results. Going global can seem intimidating, but the benefits your study will reap definitely outweigh the potential challenges faced in the process.

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