QuadraNet is Introducing Its QuadraNet Hospitality System to the United States

TORONTO, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — QuadraNet has, over the past 19 years, established a distribution network in over 12 countries. The QuadraNet Hospitality System is a suite of modules that include Reservations, Point of Sale, Guest Rewards, Online ordering, Enterprise reporting, Inventory and Marketing.

Through close consultation with its customers, the company recently developed its cutting edge QuadraNet Hospitality Suite and continues to provide upgrades and new features that respond perfectly to the changing commercial and operational concerns of our customers.  

Common topics surrounded – The Future of IT in the Hospitality Industry

The restaurant sector is undergoing a major transition, similar to what the lodging sector underwent about 8-10 years ago. With the wide choice of POS, CRM, reservations & inventory control software, operators are being overwhelmed with “IT”. Operators have varying levels of automation and IT, but all are challenged with consolidating and evaluating the data.

Hospitality operators are drowning in “IT”. Most of it from different vendors. How do they make sense of it all and what really matters? The stakes are high and in a lot of cases, it’s their future. How do they solve this dilemma?

They partner with a company that combines a proven record of innovative and collaborative development and system integration, along with operational analysis and trusted insights. Quadranet’s mission is to deliver actionable data: Any Time / Anywhere.

QuadraNet has chosen to showcase its Restaurant ePOS System in its initial product offering. Rather than the typical slow user ramp up, QuadraNet has chosen to take a vested interest in the future of restaurants that choose sign on over the next couple of months. The detail about QuadraNet’s roll out plan is quite bold and intended to return a reasonable group of customers over the next two months. The promotion is limited to three orders in each state by May 30, 2019.

Gary Husbands, Director of Marketing, claims that “90 percent of new business is derived from customer promotion. We see our customers as our greatest asset.  QuadraNet’s product design enables users to swap out defective hardware with spares held on-site at the restaurant. This is a huge investment, but we operate on the premise that our efforts will be passed on by our customers.”

Media Contact: 
Gary Husbands
Phone: 866-840-5432
Email: gary@quadranethospitality.com

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